StFX Safety & Security Services administers and enforces parking on campus. The purchase of a Parking Permit is not required as the University does not guarantee a place to park.
Campus & Overnight Parking
All students living in residence or employees who wish to park personal vehicles overnight in university overnight parking areas must submit this registration form.  
Please complete the online  Vehicle Registration Form.
This information is used to notify you in case your vehicle needs to be moved. Parking is on a first-come-first serve basis, and students are asked to adhere to posted parking regulations as well as demonstrate good parking etiquette consistent with community code conduct as outlined in the rights and responsibilities sections.
Click here for the StFX Campus Parking Map and see below for suggested Parking Area locations.

Guest Parking

Visitors may use general parking spaces at the University, and when appropriate access the special designated spaces. Prospective students and their families touring the University may request a Guest Permit for the Campus Tour Parking from the Tour Coordinator or Welcome Room Receptionist (MacKinnon Hall main entrance). Campus Tour Parking is limited to four spaces adjacent to MacKinnon Hall.

Commercial Parking
A limited number of commercial parking spaces are available for contractor or service persons. Arrangements for special parking arrangements should be coordinated through the Security Services (867-4444).
St. Ninian’s Cathedral Parking
The Cathedral and its Community Center parking spaces are restricted use only and not administered or enforced by Security Services. Persons parking without authorization may be ticketed or towed at the owner’s expense.
Handicap/ Medical Conditions Parking
There are parking spaces designated by the International Wheelchair Symbol, situated at various locations on the campus. These are reserved for persons whose vehicle displays the ‘Accessible Parking’ permit. All others using these spaces may have their vehicles ticketed and towed. Reserved parking may also be made available to persons with certain medical conditions.
Limited Reserved Parking
Spaces reserved at Mockler Hall, (P15 on the parking map) are for the restricted use of the Priests in Residence. Designated visitor spaces adjacent to MacKinnon Hall, parking lot P14, are restricted for prospective students and families accessing the Welcome Room.
Signs are posted at the restricted parking spaces and unauthorized vehicles will be ticketed.
Ticket Appeal Process
Parking tickets are issued by Security Services and are under the jurisdiction of the Town of Antigonish. Parking Fines are paid to the Town of Antigonish. Inquires related to fines or tickets obtained, contact the Municipal Office, Main Street, Antigonish.

Individuals wishing to appeal a traffic ticket should call the Town of Antigonish Office. The By-Law Enforcement Officer of the Town of Antigonish will not normally override the decision of the Security Officer unless a very clear case to do so is submitted in writing by the appellant.
Other Related Information