Student Guide Program Juno Beach

 The Juno Beach Centre is the only Canadian Second World War museum in France. It is a place of commemoration and discovery dedicated to the Canadians who fought in the Second World War. It also presents the diversity of contemporary Canada. Visitors to the Centre gain a better understanding of Canada’s contribution to the Second World War thanks in part to the energetic and dedicated student guides who work here throughout the year.


Job Description

Working in both English and French, guides:
  • Give guided tours of Juno Beach and two German defensive fortifications (an observation post and a command bunker);
  • Impart on visitors the Centre’s identity and mandate;
  • Deliver presentations about the permanent and temporary exhibits to groups and individuals;
  • Welcome visitors in the hall of the Centre and at the Boutique,
  • including admission tickets and products / souvenirs sales;
  • Lead educational workshops to school groups, both primary and secondary;
  • Adapt tours and presentations to suit the needs of various age groups and/or nationalities (including school groups, veterans, VIPs, etc.);
  • Inform visitors about Canada’s contribution to the Second World War (at home and on various fronts), as well as about contemporary Canada;
  • Provide information on other Canadian sites in Normandy and in France;
  • Participate in organizing cultural and historical activities at the Centre;
  • Provide operational support for ceremonies and special projects.

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Tue, 2017-08-22 - Sat, 2017-09-30


Juno Beach

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