Grant Guidelines

Grant Policy Guidelines

 1. The Centre for Regional Studies (CRS) is funded by the SSHRC Aid to Small Universities Program. The current funding supports research on the social, economic, historical, cultural and political dimensions of development in Atlantic Canada. Projects should be aligned with SSHRC subject matter eligiblity criteria, which specify that the proposed research or related activities must be primarily in the social sciences and humanities. Investigators, whose proposed research is health-related, for example, should consult CIHR's mandate first to explore eligibility. Please see SSHRC’s subject matter eligibility criteria.
2. Applicants requesting funds are to complete a CRS application form, which is available on the CRS website. One signed hard copy and one electronic copy of the proposal are required.
3. Applicants are reminded that the annual grant from SSHRC is a relatively limited amount. CRS grants should be seen as one-time seed-funding to commence a research project. Core-funding proposals or seed-funding requests requiring funds in excess of $5,000.00 should be sent to SSHRC or to other agencies.
4. Competitions for grants are held in the Fall and Spring, dependent upon funding availability.
5. CRS is unable to fund conference travel. This support is available from the Travel Grants program in each faculty.
6. Schedule of Rates currently in effect (based on UCR guidelines):
- Research Assistants: $12.60 per hour (maximum) plus 10% fringe benefits; during the academic year, student research assistants may not be asked to work more than 8 hours per week. For more information, please contact the StFX Payroll Office (ext. 2391).
- Subsistence: $40.00 per day (maximum).
- Accommodation: Any reasonable rate for single accommodation
- Car mileage: $0.37 per km; $140.00 flat rate to Halifax Airport return; $155.00 flat rate to Halifax or Sydney return.
7. Principal investigators must be members of the Faculty of Arts, Business, or Education at St. Francis Xavier University. They are to acknowledge the contribution of CRS and SSHRC in any publications based on research supported by CRS.
8. A final report is required from each project funded by the CRS, and principal investigators may be asked to make a presentation on their research at an event sponsored by CRS. Upon submission of the final report, the investigator is welcome to apply for a new grant. The CRS will fund a distinct project only once.
9. All research projects funded by the CRS should be completed within a period of three (3) years. Throughout these three years, an annual report about the project funded by the CRS is required. If there is no demonstrable research activity after Year 1, the grant holder must submit an explanation for this delay in his/her annual report to the CRS. If there continues to be no significant expenditure of research funds after 2 years, the funds will normally revert to the consolidated revenue of the CRS. A grant holder may apply in writing to the Chair of the CRS for an extension of his/her grant beyond the normal 3-year time period, and will be favorably considered for said extension in extraordinary circumstances. A grant holder (as a principal investigator) may hold no more than one CRS grant at a time.