Political Science 2017-18

Course Announcements and Changes

PS101/102 are not open to senior students. Seniors and juniors seeking electives may choose from any 200-level course and some 300-level courses in area-studies.

Course Number Course Title Professor Term Block
PSCI 101.11 Intro to Power and Politics A. Lajeunesse 1st  C
PSCI 102.21 Intro to Compar & Global Pol D. Brown 2nd  C
PSCI 101.12 Intro to Power and Politics G. Graham 1st  B
PSCI 101.22 Intro to Compar & Global Pol G. Graham 2nd  B
PSCI 101.13 Intro to Power and Politics N. Allen 1st  L
PSCI 102.23 Intro to Compar & Global Pol N. Allen 2nd  L
PSCI 101.14 Intro to Power and Politics M. Thakur 1st  A
PSCI 101.24 Intro to Compar & Global Pol M. Thakur 2nd A
PSCI 201 Ancient & Med Pol Thought L. Groarke 1st F
PSCI 202 Modern Political Thought J. Spring 2nd HJ
PSCI 211  Comparative Politics I L. Stan 1st EF
PSCI 212 Comparative Politics II Y. Grenier 2nd EF
PSCI 221 Canadian Politics I G. Graham 1st AL
PSCI 222 Canadian Politics II J. Bickerton 2nd AL
PSCI 231 United States Politics N. Allen 1st HJ
PSCI 241 Power & Business in Cda G. Graham 2nd CK
PSCI 247 Enviro Social Sciences I R. Bantjes 1st T
PSCI 248 Enviro Social Sciences II R. Bantjes 2nd T
PSCI 251 International Relations I M. Thakur 1st GH
PSCI 252 International Relations II Y. Cho 2nd GH
PSCI 291 Violence, Conflict and Politics Y. Grenier 1st MP
PSCI 303 Contem Pol Arguments J. Spring 1st E
PSCI 312 Art and Politics Y. Grenier 2nd CK
PSCI 315 Democr around the World N. Allen 1st B
PSCI 316 Dictatorships N. Allen 2nd N6/N8
PSCI 322 Atlantic Canada G. Graham 2nd HJ
PSCI 324 Provincial Politics G. Graham 1st CK
PSCI 325 Indegenous Politics J. Bickerton 2nd MP
PSCI 335 Human Rights & Inter Justice L. Stan 1st HJ
PSCI 341 Canadian Public Admin D. Brown 2nd KL
PSCI 343 Law & Politics J. Spring 2nd V1/V2
PSCI 344 Citizenship & Identity J. Bickerton 2nd EF
PSCI 351 Canadian Foreign Policy A. Lajeunesse 2nd N5/N7
PSCI 352 American Foreign Policy M. Thakur 1st V1/V2
PSCI 353 International Organization Y. Cho 1st GH
PSCI 355 Global Issues J. Spring 2nd Y1/Y2
PSCI 371 Pol Econ of Development N. Allen 2nd MP
PSCI 373 Irish Politics & Society J. Phyne 1st Q
PSCI 379 African Politics M. Thakur 2nd HJ
PSCI 389 ST: Science Policy R. Isnor 1st G3/H3/J3
PSCI 391 Democ & Dev in Latin America Y. Grenier 1st KL
PSCI 394 ST: International Security M. Thakur 2nd DE
PSCI 399 Research Methods and Stats L. Stan 1st Y1/Y2
PSCI 421 Seminar: Canadian Politics I D. Brown 1st Q2+T2
PSCI 451 Seminar: Intern'l Politics Y. Cho 2nd Q1+T1
PSCI 452 Seminar: Compar Politics Y. Grenier 1st Q1+T1
PSCI 490 Thesis Y. Cho Full