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Why jazz?

We get asked this a lot.

If you want to play anything other than classical music, jazz is the quickest way to becoming a complete musician.  Jazz musicians are required to learn their instrument well enough to improvise - to play anything fitting the musical situation and their imaginations.

Within the discipline of jazz, we also teach music theory up to and including Composition (forming your ideas into complete pieces and getting them on paper) and Arranging (organizing your music for any group of players to perform).  

If you can perform and write within the discipline of jazz, any other kind of music is an easy reach.  Most of our students perform in variety of styles: rock, pop, folk, country, or anything they want (including metal, nu-jazz, and EDM).  

There are two basic goals for our Bachelor of Music graduates:

     To be able to play in any situation when called upon for work; and

     To be able to create music from their own vision, and communicate that vision to others.

STFX Music is a pioneer in jazz education in Canada.

We’ve been training performers and composers since 1978, when our Jazz Diploma, the second degree of its kind in Canada, was established.  Our graduates can be found in recordings and on stages throughout North America.

The Bachelor of Arts Honours jazz degree, established in 1983, was the first four-year jazz degree in Canada.

The Bachelor of Music Honours jazz degree was established in 1990.

The Visiting Artist Program, established in 1995, brings world-class artists to campus to perform and educate students.

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