Human Kinetics

Welcome to Human Kinetics at StFX, where students pursue a four-year integrated program that focuses on human health and body movement from social sciences, humanities, and biosciences perspectives. Students in Human Kinetics are prepared after graduation to enter occupations immediately and/or pursue post-graduate studies.


Career Options

Students typically pursue Human Kinetics with the intentions of furthering their studies in the following: education, medicine, athletic therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, professional fitness trainers, exercise instructors, coaches, recreational therapists, and administrators with sport governing bodies, massage therapists, chiropractors, graduate research in Kinesiology and more.

The First Year

Students begin with Human Kinetics 115, an in-depth introduction to all aspects of human movement, including physical activity and physical fitness and how they relate to overall health and wellness. Human Kinetics 105 are activity courses that introduce students to the program and its practical components. Students also enroll in 24 credits hours of their choice. Typically, these include Biology, English, and Psychology.

Degree Choices

Students can pursue a BA in Human Kinetics with a major in Kinesiology; a BA with a major in pre-education; a B.Sc in Human Kinetics with major in Kinesiology; a B.Sc. with major in pre-education; a B.Sc. with a major in Kinesiology and minor in Health Sciences; or a B.Sc. in Human Kinetics in Human Nutrition.

Why StFX?

Human Kinetics professors pride themselves in providing students with the tools they need to launch careers to impact people’s health and wellness.

Our reputation attracts some of the foremost experts in the field of Human Kinetics, and the program is designed to offer range and depth. This leads to the development of well-rounded graduates who can excel in the community directly or in advanced studies.