Department of History

Carpet Page from the Book of Kells, ca. 800 C. E. (Trinity Library MS A. I. (58), f. 34 r). Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Important Information for Registering Students!

HIST 101
and HIST 102 are equivalent to HIST 100

HIST 111 and HIST 112 are equivalent to HIST 110.


* Please only register for EITHER 100/110 OR any combination of the three credit courses, 101, 102, 111 and 112.  Please do not register for 101/102 if you have already taken 100 and do not register for 111/112 if you have already taken 110.



Welcome to the History Department of St. Francis Xavier University!

The study of history provides not only knowledge of the past but a better understanding of the present. This is particularly important in a world characterized by rapid change. Without a knowledge of history, we lose a major component of the tools to comprehend who we are and what it means to be human.

"All wisdom is not new wisdom, and the past should be studied if the future is to be successfully encountered." — Winston Churchill

History became a separate Department at St.F.X. University in the early 1900s, the subject previously being taught as an adjunct of literature and other humanities subjects. Today, a department of ten members offers a wide range of courses, from introductory Western Civilization to advanced courses in the history of Canada, Europe, Russia, and the United States. Students may choose major, advanced major, or honours degrees in the subject. They are also free to take one or more courses from the department as electives while pursuing degrees in other disciplines. The university library maintains an excellent collection of reference materials, books, periodicals, and primary documentation, in many areas of history, which allows for sophisticated work on assignments, term essays, or advanced major and honours senior thesis.

Through the years, department members have been active in scholarly research, producing numerous books and articles. They strive to make their research and other aspects of their professional development directly useful to students.