Public Sector Compensation Disclosure

In accordance with the Province of NS Public Compensation Disclosure Act, public sector organizations have to annually report compensation of $100,000 or more paid to persons during the fiscal year. The requirement became effective in 2012. The deadline for public disclosure is July 31, 2015. The audited annual report must be submitted to the Department of Finance & Treasury and posted by the organization as public information.
Q. What elements of compensation are reported? 
A. The total compensation “paid” during the fiscal year (March 31, 2015) is reported if it equals or exceeds $100,000. “Compensation” includes regular wages, overtime earnings, bonuses, lump-sum payments, commissions, allowances. 
Q. What causes large fluxuations in the amounts reported year-over-year?
A. Significant Increases - Amounts reported are based on the payment “received” within the fiscal year. Most compensation items are “earned” on an annual basis even though the actual payment may be made in future periods. There are no adjustments or notes explaining lump sum payments that relate to prior reporting periods. This can create anomalies in year-over-year totals reported. Examples include receiving cash value for banked leaves, payment for overtime or added responsibilities (overloads), retroactive pay adjustments, severance payments. Significant Decreases – Given it is the payment received within a 12 month period that is reported, significant decreases from previous years can result. Examples of items that would cause such declines include: an employee being on unpaid leave of absence for a portion of the year, terminating employment before the end of the fiscal year, being on disability for part of the year with benefits paid through insurances, having received additional stipends or lump sum payments in the previous year for additional duties that were not applicable in the current year.
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