StFX OutstandingTeaching Awards

The St. FX outstanding teaching award is presented annually to faculty who demonstrate excellence in teaching. The award is administered by the outstanding teaching award committee and presented to faculty at spring convocation.
To adjudicate nominations received from the University Community for Outstanding Teaching Awards and to prepare nominations from this University for external awards in the areas of teaching and instrustional development.
In carrying out its duties with respect to the Outstanding Teaching Awards, the Committee shall adhere to the guidelines established in 2.7.2, (the policy with respect to University Research/Publication/Teaching Awards).
Call for Nominations
St. FX alumni, graduating students, and Faculty can nominate any full-time faculty member for this award. A letter nominating your candidate should include:
Professor's name and Department.
Your name, program, and year of graduation.
Your letter should describe how the professor's teaching had/has a major impact on your educational experience at St. FX, or other reasons your candidate should be selected for the award.
To be eligible for the award, the candidate must be nominated by at least four people. These people may nominate as a group or independently. Send nominations to:
Edwin DeMont,  Chair
Outstanding Teaching Award Committee
c/o Department of Biology St. Francis Xavier University

For Questions: call Martin at 867-5116