Current Students

The Co-op Commitment.

Information for Co-op Students (new entry)

Welcome to Co-operative Education at StFX. The Co-op Staff have notified you by email of your acceptance into the program. The next step in the co-op process is for the Co-op Staff to send information regarding the registration process for the professional development seminars. Typically students will be notified by August for a September entry into the program and December for a January entry into the program. Any questions, please contact the Co-op Staff.
Information for Co-op Students (continuing)
Students are encouraged to keep the Co-op Staff up-to-date regarding work term sequencing options. Students should notify the Co-op Staff at least 6 months prior the term s/he would like to go out on a co-op work term.

Finding a great work term starts with the job board

Students are encouraged to check the job board daily! The earlier you start preparing, the better your chances of finding the job you want.

Professional Development Seminar Schedule 2016-2017

  Fall Semester Winter Semester
COOP 110 September 17, 2016 January 14, 2017
COOP 120 September 24, 2016 January 21, 2017
COOP 130 October 15, 2016 February 4 2017

Please note: Students must complete COOP 110 in the semester they were accepted into the Co-op program.