Invest X

Invest X is St. Francis Xavier University’s student investment society. The society was founded in 2001 by one student and a faculty advisor, Mary Oxner. Our primary goal is to bridge the gap between the classroom and the finance industry by developing additional skills and knowledge in students. We provide the opportunity for all St. Francis Xavier University students to engage and learn more about the world's financial industry through a variety of approaches including: guest speakers, workshops, trips, regular meetings, etc. With a primary focus on investment management, Invest X plays a role in the development of finance students at the Gerald Schwartz School of Business.

Invest-X has a couple of different members categories. Any St. Francis Xavier University student may become a regular society member just by attending our weekly meetings. Students who want to invest in our Portfolio must purchase, at a minimum, one unit/share ($50) to become a Vested member. Students who want to become more involved may inquire about becoming an Investment Analyst. Analysts follow one company and its industry and report their research, analyses, and other findings at weekly meetings.

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Society president: 
Matt Hatfield
Christoph Hecker
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