Business Society

The Business Society is the umbrella group for all the student organizations in the Gerald Schwartz School of Business. The executive serves as student representatives and function as an avenue in which, you, the student, can build important relationships with your fellow classmates, professors, and future business contacts.
Further, the Business Society keeps members up to date on upcoming conferences and competitions that attract delegates and competitors from across Canada. A student executive organizes and runs these events to serve and benefit the student body. The Business Society plays a major role and provides a multitude of opportunities to get involved and hone business and leadership skills, while also providing valuable services and events that contribute to the student experience.
The Business Society organizes a number of great events and activities throughout the year.
 If you would like to become involved with the Business Society, please contact Ryan Finn or Ainsley MacKellar. We are always looking for new members and new ideas!



Society Presidents:
Ryan Finn - President
Ainsley MacKellar - Vice-President