The essence of a university is the creation and dissemination of knowledge. An emphasis on research and scholarship differentiates universities from other institutions of higher education. Collectively, the Gerald Schwartz School of Business is leading the way in well grounded, relevant and pragmatic research aimed at helping managers and information system specialists improve organizational effectiveness and operational efficiency. Below is just a small sample of some of the School's most recent successes. For additional details and a more comprehensive list of the School's accomplishments, please visit the websites of our individual faculty members.






Recent Journal Publications

Boyle, T. A., and Scherrer-Rathje, M. (2009). “An Empirical Examination of the Best Practices to Ensure Manufacturing Flexibility – Lean Alignment”, Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management, 20(3), 348-366.

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Diochon, M.  (2010). Governance, entrepreneurship and effectiveness: exploring the link. Social Enterprise Journal, 6(2), 93-109. 

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Scherrer-Rathje, M., Boyle. T. A., and Deflorin, P. (2009). "Lean take two! Reflections from the second attempt at lean implementation", Business Horizons, 52, pp. 79-88.

Other Scholarly Publications

Fuller, Mark A. (2009). S3 – Sustainable stakeholder strategy: An investigation of stakeholder inclusion, strategic domains and competitive advantage in the Canadian financial services industry. VDM Verlag: Saarbrücken, Germany.