Interdisciplinary Studies in AQUATIC RESOURCES

WATER ...... Today's issues ...... Your future!

The Aquatic Resources Program [AR] uses an interdisciplinary approach that allows students to understand today’s important water resource issues, how water permeates our lives, shapes our world and sustains living organisms.  

AR students develop a keen understanding of topics that impact our planet, such as water resource issues, conservation, fisheries, climate change, global warming, desertification, environmental stewardship, aquaculture, among others.  AR students are well-positioned to understand global resources issues, especially those involving water that occur between countries, cultures, cities and rural communities, and between regions within countries.

Students majoring in Aquatic Resources may complete a BACHELOR of ARTS or a BACHELOR of SCIENCE degree. The program offers a core set of courses, only available to AR major students, that provide a broad background in water-related topics ranging from freshwater and marine ecosystem resource management to environmental policy development and groundwater research methods.  Key to the success of AR students is a mandatory work term that provides career-related experience, a variety of field trips, guest speakers interactions and other opportunities that enhance academic learning.

The Aquatic Resources Program consists of 7 participating departments:

Anthropology                             Biology

Economics                                 Earth Sciences

Political Science                        Math.Statistics.Computer Science


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